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GoAnywhere MFT

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BlueFinch-ESBD -

File transfer management projects can be complex.

That’s where BlueFinch-ESBD comes in. We are experts in Managed File Transfers (MFT) and we provide a wide variety of

professional services. We have a team of GoAnywhere Platinum certified engineers/consultants, who can help you throughout the cycle of the life of your project, from the definition of your needs to the day-to-day use of the solution.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

GoAnywhere Demo

Thanks to our dedicated platform, BlueFinch-ESBD can perform remote or on-site demonstrations of GoAnywhere software. Our technical experts can also design a demo environment that fits your business needs.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

Review of GoAnywhere

Our goal is to allow you to test the solutions we offer as simply as possible. Our team of expert engineers helps you set up your environments, install the software, and familiarize yourself with the application. We can also assist you in defining test plans with you in line with your expectations and needs.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

Support GoAnywhere

Our GoAnywhere certified experts are very familiar with this solution. They will assist you on a day-to-day basis, as long as you use the solution. They can also recommend GoAnywhere add-ons that best meet your changing needs.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

GoAnywhere Training

BlueFinch-ESBD has developed specific training programs for GoAnywhere administrators and end users. Training courses can be provided:

  • At a distance
  • On-site
  • On our premises

Our trainers are experienced engineers and are able to draw on a variety of practical examples.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

Installing GoAnywhere

The BlueFinch-ESBD certified engineering team has developed extensive experience deploying GoAnywhere solutions. It works closely with you – remotely or on-site – from the design phases to the validation of your software installation.

During this process, our technicians answer all your questions and advise you on best practices. We can identify prerequisites for your existing infrastructure to avoid unexpected issues during implementation. We partner with your IT administrators to complete the installation, and then review the environment after installation to ensure it continues to meet quality standards and your expectations.

BlueFinch-ESBD -

GoAnywhere Integration and Migration

We know that migration and its transitions can sometimes be complicated. That’s why we offer GoAnywhere integration and migration support.

Take advantage of the expertise of our teams who accompany you every step of the way. From evaluating your current configuration, to developing it, and executing a migration plan, together we’ll make a seamless and efficient transition to GoAnywhere MFT.

Simply contact us with your requirements and we will evaluate with you your current configuration, including processes, workflows and file transfers.

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Customer Experiences

Our clients are present in all areas of activity: Banking & Insurance, Retail, Industries, NGOs, Finance, Transport & Logistics, Administrations, etc.

They testify to the quality and expertise of our team, so why not you?

BlueFinch-ESBD -

“And that is how we got to GoAnywhere, implemented by BlueFinch-ESBD. A perfect match due to the ease of use, secure workflows, and excellent support provided by BlueFinch-ESBD. In addition, the solution is incredibly cost effective.” 

Kjell BJÄRUD, Manager IT Operations at SPENDRUPS

BlueFinch-ESBD -

” As part of our move to automation and industrialization of processes, the GoAnywhere solution seemed to us to be the one that offered the most possibilities for a better price/performance ratio among the various offers. Our in-house tools and other transfer software no longer met our desire to simplify data exchange and traceability processes. “

Philippe CHAUMINE, CIO at Banque SOCREDO

Our GoAnywhere Services

The professional services offered by BlueFinch-ESBD cover a wide range of requests: 

  • Architecture design for deployment


  • Design of transfer flows


  • Migrating existing systems to GoAnywhere
  • Upgrading the environment to the latest software version


  • Migration between servers and domains


  • System separation or merger


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