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GoAnywhere MFT experts in


Thanks to our team of certified and experienced professionals, benefit from advice

of a high level and personalized support on GoAnywhere MFT software.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Assistance and support

Our centralized help desk ensures you can use GoAnywhere MFT software with peace of mind.

It allows all our customers to benefit from high-level support to deal with production or recipe incidents, to require assistance in managing specific settings or simply to answer operational questions.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Professional Services

With the support of our team of expert and certified engineers within BlueFinch-ESBD, we are fully qualified to assess your needs and help you find the GoAnywhere architecture that best meets them.

We can also assist you in the presentation, acceptance and deployment phases of GoAnywhere, ensuring compliance with the rules of the art and saving valuable time.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft


Our consultants have a broad area of expertise to help you deploy GoAnywhere in your specific environments on the majority of platforms.

They can also help you manage the recovery of your flows from your internal applications or other specific older software, and integrate them into GoAnywhere.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Why use BlueFinch-ESBD for your GoAnywhere project?

Based on the deployment of GoAnywhere to more than 400 customers in Europe, BlueFinch-ESBD has been able to develop a unique methodology and know-how.

BlueFinch-ESBD has been marketing and integrating GoAnywhere solutions since 2011 in companies of all sizes and all industries.

Our pre-sales and after-sales teams have reached the highest level of mastery, and we are regularly, year after year, recognized as the best partner of the GoAnywhere publisher.

Services offered around GoAnywhere

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft
BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Expertise and Experience

BlueFinch-ESBD has specialized in Managed File Transfer (MFT) for more than 10 years. Thanks to numerous experiences in all possible configurations, we have been able to develop a very high level of expertise. We assist our customers to facilitate their selection process, implement the GoAnywhere modules best suited to their needs and support them in the use of the solution.

Our relationships with our clients are based on strong and lasting relationships and we support their MFT systems and advise them as their needs evolve.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Our offer around GoAnywhere

BlueFinch-ESBD doesn’t just sell you GoAnywhere software. We work hand in hand with your employees to ensure the success of a common project. Installation, deployment, configuration, training, recovery and improvement of previously used transfers, support in the use of the solution implemented, all these points are all elements on which we accompany you on a daily basis. We inform you as soon as possible of the availability of new updates, and are always at your disposal to provide you with advice and support as experts in Managed File Transfers (MFT). We establish our relationship more in a spirit of partnership than in a simple customer/supplier exchange.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft
BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft
BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

Value for Money

With our domain expertise and a wealth of experience based on many successful projects, we can help you select the GoAnywhere modules you need – no more and no less. You will also benefit from personalized support and a powerful relay with the publisher of the solution, based in the United States. Our positioning as a Platinum partner, representing more than 500 customers with the publisher, is a powerful asset to guarantee you a negotiated rate in your best interests, as well as taking into account your requests for changes or rapid corrections.


”  BlueFinch-ESBD is not only a Platinum Certified Partner of GoAnywhere MFT but above all a trusted partner with whom we have been working closely for more than 10 years now. Their teams are the main technical and commercial contact for our customers in France, Luxembourg and French-speaking countries in general, and well beyond since the creation of the BBES group.

The creation of the group is also a perfect illustration of the growth and influence of BlueFinch-ESBD, thus strengthening its position as a leader and expert in the deployment of Managed File Transfer projects. At a time when many companies are looking to challenge established solutions, we bet that this partnership between BlueFinch-ESBD and HelpSystems has a bright future ahead of it.   ”  


Julian Gouez

EMEA South Partner Manager, FORTRA

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

How can Bluefinch-ESBD help you?

Our certified engineers are in the best position to assess and validate your needs with you, arrange a personalized demo of the solution and help you test it (POC) so you can see how it works in your specific environment. Thereafter, they will always be there to accompany you in the installation, configuration and deployment phases. Their in-depth knowledge of MFT allows them to configure your solution to ensure efficient and serene use.  


We will always direct you to the most suitable solution for your organization, based only on the modules you need, and not on the most expensive or cost-effective option for the publisher.


We build our relationships with our customers on a partnership relationship based on trust. We are always attentive and available to provide advice and assistance in all phases of acquisition, implementation and use of the solutions we deploy.

Knowledge sharing

Through our blogs, training, communications, we assist our customers in all aspects of File Transfer Management (MFT).


We will always do the right thing for YOU, our customer and partner. If we were to find a lack of skills or ability on our part to provide you with the right solution, then we would withdraw and put you in touch with the right people in our network.

BlueFinch-ESBD - GoAnywhere mft

BlueFinch-ESBD offers a full range of services to GoAnywhere users

  • Custom GoAnywhere Demo, online or onsite
  • GoAnywhere software assessment to validate suitability for your needs
  • Partner installation, testing and onboarding
  • Help in selecting the most suitable modules


  • GoAnywhere training for end users, helpdesks and administrators


  • Assistance in resuming old file transfers in place and using the solution


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