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BlueFinch-ESBD is THE partner integrator of value-added solutions! 

Discover how our integration solutions and services can help you streamline business processes, optimise workflows, improve data security, and enhance compliance posture. Our team of experts is dedicated to protecting critical data and providing greater control and visibility, helping you stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.



We manage and secure our customers’ critical information!

From the first commercial contact to our technical support, each exchange is an opportunity to enrich our know-how and deliver a high level of service to our customers.

Consulting, audit, migration, implementation, etc. we guide you in all your file transfer projects.

Our teams accompany companies of all sizes and all sectors of activity, to the realization of specific IT projects through professional solutions and IT services.


Managed file transfer

Our employees are qualified and certified experts in the field of MFT.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions enable data to be transferred centrally both inside and outside an organisation, between systems and/or users.

MFT software offers a high level of security and control, including the automation of file transfer-related activities and processes.

At BlueFinch-ESBD we’re providing a leading secure file transfer solution since 2011, that will help you to streamline and simplify your processes, is flexible and reduce resources for a better ROI. 


Our expertise

Our certified specialists guide our customers through their DLP, file transfer and integration projects, offering optimized, high-performance solutions tailored to their needs.

Whether you are looking to achieve a higher level of security or consolidate and simplify your IT processes, our trusted experts will help you achieve your goals and solve your technical IT challenges.


We support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their MFT deployment by offering quality professional services to support their growth strategy, as well as managed services, an MFT training catalogue and technical support based in France and the Netherlands.

Delegate your MFT management to us for more peace of mind, security and traceability!

Our experts always give the right advice!


Solutions and professional services

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Discover the companies that trust us for their technological projects. Customer testimonials that reveal the concrete results of a long-term collaboration with BlueFinch-ESBD.

We really appreciated the work and professionalism of the BlueFinch-ESBD team. The technical team has been a great help to us to put the solution in production.
BlueFinch-ESBD a su nous accompagner dans cette démarche en montrant sa disponibilité, son écoute et son expertise.
The product answers very well our needs! We really like the flexibility and the softness of the BlueFinch-ESBD's team.
The software is simple to use, and the integrations do not necessarily require the help of developers. Even I can create an integration as a team lead. With the predefined parameters, the deployment process is incredibly quick, which accelerates time to market.
BlueFinch-ESBD provides us with professional support. They were very approachable and open to our ideas, which is a clear sign of their willingness to cooperate and dialogue

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