BlueFinch-ESBD Group: your trusted partner for securing your data


We are pleased to announce the merger between ESBD and BlueFinch. After more than seven years of collaboration it was time to combine our knowledge, services, and solutions for securing your data. With the merger BlueFinch and ESBD continue as the BlueFinch-ESBD Group: a European organisation with over 500 customers in 16 European countries, a local presence, and a value-added reseller for our suppliers.

Our history

BlueFinch and ESBD first connected in Luxembourg about seven years ago. Working in the same industry but in different countries, we saw an opportunity to team up on marketing, sales, and technical knowledge. Soon we worked together at various significant international customers. In 2020, both ESBD and BlueFinch became founders and members of the BBES Group, a partnership of four companies with a focus on data security solutions. This was an important step towards closer collaboration.

The BlueFinch-ESBD Group : our strenghs

We firmly believe that teamwork builds strength. Combining our knowledge and experience will enable us to not only provide our customers with the best solutions possible, but also to strengthen our relationship with our suppliers and engage our employees.

A better customer experience 

We collectively represent more than 500 customers in Europe. Additionally, we will continue to provide superior service to all of them. With such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and references, we are able to assist our customers with even the most complex challenges. Regardless of the size of the BlueFinch-ESBD Group, we maintain a local and personal presence for direct technical support and service to our valued customers.

One powerful conversation partner for our vendors 

We are and want to remain a value-added reseller for all our suppliers. With this merger, and as a member of the BBES Group, we have expanded our customer base to 16 European nations, making us a strategic partner. We also discuss customer inquiries for further developing current vendor solutions.

Being a good employer 

For our employees, the merger offers a number of exciting benefits and opportunities. They are now part of an international organisation with a great variety of people, customers, and international projects.

Our future plans 

Our offices in the Netherlands and France will remain. And we plan to increase our operations and presence in Northern Europe by providing our customers in that region with a local office. Additionally, we will broaden the scope of our expert services and solutions and assist our customers with project advice, migration, and implementation. Including having the ability to outsource employees for long term projects at customer sites. However, we will continue to be the experts with a focus on secure data exchange, governance, and data security, offering our customers a full range of data security options.

BlueFinch-ESBD Group for secure data exchange 

With the merger we have an international European presence and an extensive customer base. Customers, partners, and staff can still count on our local offices and personal service. Furthermore, we remain committed to our partnership within the BBES Group. By strengthening and extending our resources, solutions, and services the merger will create exciting new opportunities for everyone.

If you have any questions about the merger or the BlueFinch-ESBD Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.