Searching for security online? Here we are!

BBES Group proudly announces that its website is online.

Born in October 2020, the international group specialized in data security now boasts a new, rich website:

The site aims to represent all the services and the solutions currently available in data security, ranging from data classification to managed file transfer, from automation to data loss prevention.

Global cyber security market in 2020 reached 153 USD billions – says Fortune – and it will not stop growing: verticals like manufacturing, banking, financial services and healthcare will look for enterprise security solutions.

Bluefinch-esbd - bbes group bluefinch blackbridge esbd systematik

The BBES group, based in Schipol, collects expertise from four different countries: France (ESBD),  Italy (Blackbridge),  Germany (Systematik) and Netherlands (Bluefinch). Together they are a giant player in the field of data security within Europe; in the website there are articles on all the solutions the group can offer: Data auditing, Data governance, Data encryption, Data classification, Data loss prevention, Managed file transfer, Automation, Middleware.

To keep up with the latest development in data security in each country, the website has a link to their newsletters.

BBES Group wants to address all European players: national clients of the four founders will find assistance and services for their subsidiary companies abroad, all in one website.

Special mention for the assistance page, where clients could address their questions and be sure to receive the best service available, in five different languages! The group has 500+ clients in 16 countries.

Jacques Bernard, ESBD CEO, says “It has been a great team work! The marketing team worked hard, each of them giving a specific contribution to the building of the website. We will continue to add relevant content to our website so stay tuned and follow us!”