TBX Event 2021 and E-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics 2021


TBX Event 2021 and E-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics 2021

Conferences and Trade Shows. They were never really gone, but that time of the year is back again and so is BlueFinch. Two important gatherings were attended in late October and early November, TBX event and E-crime & Cybersecurity Nordics. 

TBX Event 2021 

Finally, after more than a year of pandemic isolation, we were able to speak to people in person again at the TBX Event in Utrecht and help them with their data security journey, enabling people and companies to be more safe without impacting their business processes. 

Taking a holistic approach to data protection 

Illustrated by the many conversations with CISO’s and other security peers at the event, it’s more important than ever for organisations to think seriously about data privacy and data security together. And many are recognising the need for a holistic approach to data protection. 

Almost 5.000 visitors witnessed the direction in which data protection measures are moving and want to learn more about the data-centric security approach and how it must be woven into the DNA of their organisations. 

This approach is based on BlueFinch experience working with its customers on the frontline of data protection as well as the best practices required by European and global regulations and industry standards. 

Adopting this approach requires discovering, identifying and classifying all sensitive data as a first step in this process. 

Then, when you understand what and where critical data resides within your organisation, you can determine the risk and mitigating measures with the tools that are available, such as access control, encryption, data loss prevention and secure file transfer. 

Have you missed the event or would like to know more about our Data Security Suite? Please contact sales@bluefinch.com and take a look at our solutions.

BlueFinch team at the TBX event!

E-Crime and Cybersecurity Nordics 2021  

BlueFinch together with HelpSystems, gave acte de présence to the e-Crime & Cybersecurity Nordics 2021 on the 27th of October. 

With the rising numbers in data breaches, cybercrime and other threats, challenges surrounding data have grown to create a perfect storm. Organisations need to secure and protect data, wherever it lives or how it travels. IT and security leaders are facing increasing compliance mandates, requirements to collaborate securely but efficiently and the need to share sensitive information externally. 

Data must be protected everywhere it goes, from creation to sharing. How can you do this in the real world? 

BlueFinch Data Security Suite supports data protection across the data lifecycle, including data   classification, email security, secure file transfer, encryption and collaboration. 

In a joined presentation, HelpSystems and BlueFinch covered real use case examples leveraged by customers and how they protect their data throughout its entire lifecycle. It included ideas on how to protect your data and get the most out of your data security investments more effectively. 

Have you missed the event or would like to know more about the Data Security Suite? Please contact sales@bluefinch.com and take a look at our solutions.