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AIR CORSICA is a regional airline based in Ajaccio. Founded in 1989 on the island of beauty, AIR CORSICA carries nearly 2 million passengers per year. With a fleet of 13 aircraft, the company transports passengers to more than 15 destinations in France and abroad.

A system that has become difficult to maintain

For several years, the company’s IT department had been transferring files using an SFTP server installed in the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone, i.e. a subnetwork). This SFTP server was used to retrieve and distribute all transfers using scripts spread across the network servers, including the DMZ.

However, over time, the multitude of “home-made” scripts became complicated to manage. With more than 200 file transfers per day and scripts that were difficult to evolve, the IT department’s supervision work became increasingly delicate.

The search for a centralised solution became necessary for the airline’s IT department.

Mr. Alberic DE PERTAT, Network Manager for AIR CORSICA was the person in charge of the infrastructure replacement project. After some research, two solutions were selected, including GoAnywhere MFT from FORTRA.

This is how the collaboration between BlueFinch-ESBD and AIR CORSICA started.


GoAnywhere MFT and BlueFinch-ESBD fly to the island of beauty

GoAnywhere MFT, “the number one file transfer solution” according to InfoTech Research Group, was the solution chosen by AIR CORSICA’s IT department. The flexibility of GoAnywhere, as well as its total adequacy with the needs of simplification, visibility and centralization of file transfers, made the decision in favour of the solution.

In order to implement the solution, a BlueFinch-ESBD consultant came directly on site to provide support and advice to Mr. DE PERTAT. After installation and configuration, BlueFinch-ESBD helped him to get to grips with GoAnywhere MFT, while demonstrating the various tricks and subtleties for optimal use of the solution.

Benefits of the solution

In addition to AIR CORSICA’s need for centralisation and simplification, GoAnywhere has proved to be a real asset thanks to its various functionalities, such as

Its easy-to-use graphical configurator,
The detailed management of logs,
Its ease of monitoring files,
The multiple formats and protocols supported (AS2, AS4, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SCP, etc.).
Today, AIR CORSICA uses GoAnywhere almost exclusively for SFTP transfers via the GoAnywhere Gateway proxy. The operations carried out on the files are simply renaming and copying to SMB (Small and Middle Businesses) shares.

Mr. DE PERTAT is satisfied with the choice of the GoAnywhere MFT solution, which he strongly recommends: “I definitely recommend the GoAnywhere solution. This project went very smoothly and I was able to migrate my scripts at my own pace.

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