ENGIE is a French industrial energy group formed from the merger of Gaz de France and Suez. As the third largest energy group in the world in 2015, the company has been using the GoAnywhere MFT solution for its file transfers for over a year now.

Laurent STEPHANONI, Head of Service Exchange Base at ENGIE, was the pilot for the implementation of the solution.

During the webinar “How to rationalise your data exchanges” on 26 May 2020 in partnership with CRIP, Laurent STEPHANONI from ENGIE gladly answered our questions about the implementation of GoAnywhere MFT.


“Mr. Stephanoni, tell us how you managed your file exchanges before implementing GoAnywhere MFT and what motivated your choice for a new solution?

We had open source solutions (proftpd, openldap) and solutions developed in-house based on large middleware (EAI, ETL), whose licensing costs were no longer satisfactory.

At the same time, and in agreement with our various subscribers, we launched a study for the migration of our solutions to the cloud with stronger security constraints, including the need for a gateway with a connection break and the installation of an antivirus.

How did you go about researching the various products on the market?

We proceeded relatively classically:

  • A search for the solutions available on the market,
  • A comparative study of the functionalities,
  • And a presentation by the players.
  • After an initial comparison, we set up a POC to study the handling of the selected solutions.

At the end of the POC period, GoAnywhere MFT came out on top as our final solution.

What differentiating features made GoAnywhere MFT the right choice for you?

The requirement specified by the end customer was not familiar to General Electric Digital. The GoAnywhere MFT solution was a real discovery and proved to be a perfect fit for the customer’s requirements.

Several criteria were key to the choice, including

  • Easy integration with the applications and systems used.
  • Secure automation of transfers.
  • Management and auditing of the various exchanges.
  • Simplicity of use for users.

Can you describe the implementation of GoAnywhere MFT and the migration from the old system?

We first built a base, then a standard tool, to offer the first desired functionalities.

A lot of automation was implemented very easily with the tools provided. Then, for each MFT flow to be migrated and each account for file exchanges, all we had to do was run the automations we had created.

What is your feedback after 1 year of use?

The product meets our needs perfectly. We appreciate its great flexibility and the flexibility of the BlueFinch-ESBD teams.

We are even developing our offer, with the addition of the new Secure Folder module this year to offer a security interface to users.

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