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Grant Thornton Luxembourg is an audit firm specialized in services to individuals and companies since 1980.

A full range of professional services is offered to their clients, including pay slip management. This service is relatively complex on the one hand because of the regular evolution of labor regulations, but especially because of the multitude of criteria to be taken into account for each sheet: leave, sick leave, seniority, rules specific to each company, overtime, etc.

The quality and speed of the exchanges between Grant Thornton and their clients are therefore essential for the constitution of these pay slips to be carried out correctly in time and in hours.

With BlueFinch-ESBD and Sogeti Luxembourg, Grant Thornton implemented the GoAnywhere document exchange IT solution. The company, which offers HR services, makes it easier for its customers to distribute confidential and sensitive information to each of their employees. All while offering a very high level of security. The result is saving time, money and efficiency. »


In an interview with IT Nation, Mr. Jean-Philippe Franssen, Partner Human Resources and Payroll Services, explains the reasons for choosing Grant Thornton Weber & Bontemps Luxembourg.

Advised and supported by Sogeti Luxembourg and BlueFinch-ESBD, Grant Thornton has acquired a secure solution for the exchange and distribution of digital documents. It saved him a lot of time while improving communication between the parties.

“Among the services offered to our clients, there is the preparation and distribution of their employees’ payslips. Until now, these cards were mainly printed and distributed by post, explains Jean-Philippe Franssen. In a context of digitization of the activity, we therefore looked for a solution that would allow everyone to have their pay slip on a secure web portal. The GoAnywhere solution, recommended by Sogeti Luxembourg, met our needs in this area. »

Jean-Philippe Franssen Partner Human Resources and Payroll Services

"Now we can generate and distribute more than a thousand payslips in less than five minutes. All you have to do is press a button."

Savings, among other benefits

The digitization of document exchanges is a great opportunity. Just consider the savings from printing payslips to purchasing the postage stamps needed to send them, when you consider that a single Grant Thornton client can have up to 600 employees. In terms of the manpower required to envelope or manage mail returns, the time saved is just as significant.

“Now we can generate and distribute more than a thousand payslips in less than five minutes. All you have to do is push a button, says Thomas Stephanov, head of software & development at the company. This allows significant time and productivity savings, which benefit everyone. »

In addition to the savings that the digitalization of exchanges can achieve, we must also add other advantages to which customers have access. “Each employee now has a secure personal space, accessible at any time of the day or night, in which they can find all their documents,” says Jean-Philippe Franssen. Data is archived and protected. Access can be easily traced. It is much more difficult to lose a document. In the exchanges between the customer and his employees, everything is much simpler and more efficient. »

A simple solution to implement

Grant Thornton makes the platform directly available to its clients, who can also use it to exchange other documents with their collaborators. At the HR management level, for example, it facilitates the management of evaluations. Other departments can use it to exchange other files that require a high level of security.

Grant Thornton chose this solution because it was accessible, easy to implement and offered all the guarantees in terms of security.

“We looked for and chose a solution that could meet our internal needs,” says Thomas Stephanov. The solution proposed by BlueFinch-ESBD can be implemented in one or two days. It is operated from our servers in Luxembourg. Above all, it offers all the guarantees in terms of security, as demonstrated by the interventions of external auditors, whose mission has been to try to undermine encryption or circumvent it… In vain. »

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