Testimony by Kamal BAAZIZE Director of Information Systems of Douai Hospital and Stephen BALICKA, System Engineer and Infrastructure and Security Leader within the hospital for nearly 2 years.

A big thank you from the entire BlueFinch-ESBD team for this complete and detailed customer feedback


A Re-Contract

As a support institution for the Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire (GHT), the DOUAI Hospital Centre carriers out its poublic service missions in a territory of 64 municipalities with nearly 260.000 inhabitants.

Under the direction of Kamal BAAZIZE, Director of Information Systems at Douai Hospital, Stephen BALICKA, who has held the position of System Engineer and Infrastructure and Security Leader at the hospital for nearly 2 years, was in charge of the project. He continuously collaborates with his team on the IT infrastructure of the health facility including:
  • 9 Remote Sites
  • 300 servers
  • 1500 Workstations
  • 200 Business applications
  • 2400 Users

The partnership between BlueFinch-ESBD and Douai Hospital was born in 2016 following a need for audit and monitoring of file servers as well as Active Directory. The implementation mission of the Netwrix solution was carried out by BlueFinch-ESBD technical services.

The IT team of the hospital that had participated in the project to acquire and implement the solution was subsequently redesigned, leaving the Netwrix solution in abeyance and thus causing the termination of the maintenance contract.

Upon his arrival at the Douai Hospital Center, Kamal BAAZIZE naturally put the subject back on the table by entrusting the project to Stephen BALICKA. The latter turned to BlueFinch-ESBD to first solve a problem found on the monitoring plans.

“As BlueFinch-ESBD was the preferred partner at the time, it seemed favorable to return to their expertise in order to recreate a local partnership around the technological solutions offered by BlueFinch-ESBD,” says Stephen BALICKA.

Stephen BALICKA Systems Engineer and Infrastructure and Security Leader at the Douai Hospital Centre

"We are very satisfied with the Netwrix Auditor solution. The product has allowed us to have a better level of security and comprehensive audits on our infrastructure."

Netwrix challenges the competition

After an intensive study of three other products on the market and the realization of a POC, the choice fell on Netwrix Auditor: “The price, the power of the tool as well as its simplicity of handling, are the assets that tipped the balance against competing solutions”, describes Stephen BALICKA.

Thus, the Douai Hospital Centre wanted to reactivate its software maintenance contract in order to benefit from the latest developments in the Netwrix Auditor solution.

“In addition, BlueFinch-ESBD’s support and product knowledge really made this decision a priority. The solution was deployed very quickly and easily. The teams of the Douai Hospital Center created a VM according to the technical requirements discussed beforehand, then we scheduled an appointment for remote handling. »

Some features of Netwrix Auditor immediately proved to be very useful and appreciated by the technical teams of the Douai Hospital Centre, including:

  • The audit of the activity. Netwrix provides broad visibility and consistent control of the entire IT structure. This enables IT teams to quickly detect suspicious behaviour, analyse it thoroughly, and track the intensity of user activity.
  • Auditing connection errors on the AD. Netwrix Auditor provides security information about activities that affect Active Directory and GPOs. The solution facilitates access control by reporting unsuccessful and successful attempts to connect to critical systems.

Previously, the control of the internal event logs of the Douai Hospital Center systems was carried out manually. These operations were very time-consuming.

“We are very satisfied with the Netwrix Auditor solution. The product has allowed us to have a better level of security and complete audits on our infrastructure. We can proactively detect errors in rights and/or connections within minutes,” say Kamal BAAZIZE and Stephen BALICKA.

BlueFinch-ESBD : The Trusted Partner

“The relationships with the teams have always been excellent. The listening and understanding of the context by the BlueFinch-ESBD teams played a big role in this partnership, as the hospital environment and its administration were not simple at first,” says Stephen BALICKA.

“It’s always a pleasure to communicate with both the sales and technical teams. We are very satisfied with the quality of the exchanges. In addition, their expertise in taking into account the technical context of our environment made it possible to move the project forward very quickly. I will recommend BlueFinch-ESBD without hesitation because of the various pleasant and competent interlocutors with whom I have the chance to interact. They are good advice, attentive and understanding of our context. ” concludes Stephen BALICKA.

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