Ingenico automates files transfers with GoAnywhere



By joining the international group Worldline, the Ingenico group, European leader in the field of payment, has created a world leader in this field. In France, the structure has developed a unique in-store payment acceptance network and has, over its 35 years of existence, expanded its offer to cover the entire value chain and all types of payments, with or without cards.

As a leader in the payment industry, Ingenico chose the file exchange platform marketed by BlueFinch-ESBD to automate processes between various interfaces supporting its organization and to facilitate collaboration between employees.


Automate exchanges

In search of efficiency gains, the organization is constantly looking to improve its internal organization. That’s why it chose GoAnywhere’s Managed File Transfer solution. “When we had to deal with a file exchange platform that was becoming obsolete, that had difficulty integrating new formats and standards and that posed more and more interoperability problems, we looked for a solution to replace it,” explains Sébastien Jalade. The Head of IT Middleware Pole at Ingenico is responsible for supporting the company’s corporate management, its back-office applications dedicated to accounting, purchasing, sales and customer follow-up. “To make all this work, we need to be able to establish automated file exchange flows between the various interfaces that are grouped around our ERP,” he explains.


Simplified management

In order to better meet the needs of the employees in charge of operations, Ingenico wanted to rely on a solution that could be directly managed by the team managing the application park. The idea was to avoid having to go through the infrastructure team to establish new connections. “Once deployed, the GoAnywhere MFT solution allows the people overseeing the management of the application pool to create new workflows very simply and, in this way, to respond much more quickly to new requests from the teams in relation to the business challenges,” continues Sébastien Jalade.

The GoAnywhere MFT solution is used by Ingenico (Worldline) to set up automatic file exchanges between applications, to orchestrate more complex workflows, and to retrieve information from within the company or from external customers or partners.

Tools available to employees

In addition, we have deployed two other complementary solutions: GoAnywhere Secure Mail and GoAnywhere Secure Folder,” explains Sébastien Jalade. The first is used by employees to send e-mails containing large files, while the second makes certain folders available from an independent, secure platform, where access can be easily configured.


Quickly adopted with the help of BlueFinch-ESBD

The solution therefore facilitates data exchange, allows systems to be quickly linked and activity to be monitored. “By connecting to the platform, I can see at a glance whether all processes are running smoothly or if there is a problem that needs to be addressed,” says Jalade. By relying on the tool, the company can more effectively pursue operational excellence objectives. Ingenico orchestrates some 300 automated workflows with GoAnywhere and some 700 users regularly use SecureMail and SecureFolder. The solution has been quickly adopted by our employees, thanks in part to its ease of use,” says the manager. The team at BlueFinch-ESBD, which markets the solution, was very supportive of the deployment, especially in answering questions raised during the migration from the old system to the new. They also helped us improve our organization based on the possibilities offered by the tool.”

In the context of Ingenico’s integration with Worldline, GoAnywhere is a preferred solution today to facilitate larger-scale exchanges.

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