POST Luxembourg provides and manages end-to-end IT services enabling the various entities of the company to ensure their business processes. “Within the Enterprise Systems department, our role is to offer the software and hardware infrastructure on which all the company’s activity is based,” sums up Michel Tiris, Head of Enterprise Systems at POST Luxembourg. Among these cross-functional tools essential to production, there is a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution that is now GoAnywhere, distributed by BlueFinch-ESBD. »

In search of a new functional and flexible Managed File Transfer management solution, POST Luxembourg chose BlueFinch-ESBD’s GoAnywhere MFT.

With the desire to evolve the existing file transfer management solution, POST’s IT department conducted a study to identify the main players in this field. “We went in search of the best solution to manage file exchanges between users, machines and external partners, around a central point that dispatches data wisely,” Michel continues. The first contacts with BlueFinch-ESBD date back to the summer of 2017, the implementation of the solution took place at the end of 2017. It was important for us to maintain the existing one and ensure a gradual transfer of flows to the new platform. »


A flexible and unlimited solution

After more than a year of using GoAnywhere, POST’s IT department can see the benefits of this product, which covers virtually all communication protocols (HTTPS, SFTP, AS2, FTPS, PeSIT, etc.) for file exchanges. “We see great ease in managing file transfers. Now everything is in the same system. The infrastructure is modern and we have a complete external database and backups are much more flexible,” says Michel Tiris.

Working with most technical environments, GoAnywhere adapts to infrastructure constraints and scalabilities with its modular architecture. Thanks to this type of architecture, the workload can be spread over several servers and the volume has almost no limit.

Michel Tiris Head of Enterprise Systems

"We are already going very far in using all the possibilities offered by the product. For example, we use collaborative options such as Secure Mail."

Totally secure exchanges

Whether it is to exchange certain data from the Telecom platform to the Data Warehouse platform, to send the data necessary for printing invoices, to extract files from one application to another, to track Amazon parcels to ensure the exchange of banking data via the Swift system, POST uses all the features of the GoAnywhere solution when it comes to exchanging data in the form of files. “We are already going very far in using all the possibilities offered by the product. For example, we use collaborative options such as Secure Mail. This allows messages and files to be sent as secure packages on an ad hoc basis. Messages and files are downloaded over a secure HTTPS connection, with no file size limits or file type restrictions.

Exploiting all the basic functionalities, POST now wants to go further in processing and automation. “We are also looking with the publisher to have a high availability solution to allow updates without interruption of service,” says Michel Tiris. Flexibility and performance are there.”

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