Created in 1959 and approved by ministerial decree of 14 March 1986, Banque SOCREDO is the first bank in French Polynesia.

For 63 years, it has been a generalist network bank, its mission has been to support the development of the local economy by offering individuals and businesses adapted banking and financial services.


Long-term Collaboration

Since its creation, SOCREDO Bank has continued its development based on three main priorities:

  • Financing housing and household equipment,
  • Financing of investments and business activity,
  • The accompaniment of projects within the framework of the development of all the archipelagos.

Banque SOCREDO is now the leading banking institution in French Polynesia and is present in all five archipelagos through its 25 local branches.

It thus actively participates in the development of banking services for all the inhabitants of the country and the opening up of the territories.

Mr. CHAUMINE has held the position of CIO since 2008, with the mission of ensuring the technological evolution and continuity of the company’s activity to meet the demands of employees.

It was during a presentation on the GDPR made by BlueFinch-ESBD in October 2017 as part of the user club of our banking software publisher SAB that we met.

“It is almost by chance that we know BlueFinch-ESBD today. By connecting to their site, I discovered several software programs to address our various security issues, including Netwrix and GoAnywhere tools. »

In parallel, from a contact with the publisher Netwrix, Mr. CHAUMINE was redirected to BlueFinch-ESBD for the acquisition of the Netwrix Auditor solution. This led Banque SOCREDO to entrust on-site service to the BlueFinch-ESBD technical team for the Netwrix Auditor software.

“This mission having brought us complete satisfaction, both by the quality of the product, and the professionalism of Mr. LEMOINE’s intervention, we then decided to continue collaborating with the BlueFinch-ESBD teams, says Mr. CHAUMINE. “

Jet Lag-proof Collaboration

A significant information to know is that the time difference between Paris and Tahiti is 11 or 12 hours depending on the time of year.

“Until now, the BlueFinch-ESBD teams have always adapted to our opening hours and have regularly assisted us between 6pm and 24pm, metropolitan time. Relations have always been excellent because we have in front of us competent and above all transparent stakeholders on what can or cannot do the installed tools, insists Philippe CHAUMINE, CIO of Banque SOCREDO. »

Several values and services of the BlueFinch-ESBD teams are appreciated compared to what other providers can offer such as:

  • Transparent exchanges with the teams,
  • The adequacy of solutions to meet software needs,
  • A support service in the success of the implementation,
  • A regular commercial follow-up very popular.


“It should be noted that the BlueFinch-ESBD blog is a significant plus and very rich in resources, because it actively adds to our monitoring system,” says Mr. CHAUMINE. The teams have a perfect command of IT solutions, are responsive and remain available. We always have a post-project/mission follow-up. »

A First Software Acquistion with Netwrix Auditor

In a need to evolve its cybersecurity strategy, Banque SOCREDO was looking for a solution to track activity on its various IT equipment.

The company previously used a free version of the Netwrix Auditor solution that won it over. The teams wanted to continue on this software, but by principle of monitoring, other tools were compared. However, they did not have the same ease of use.

Some points, in addition to ease of use, were decisive in the choice for Netwrix Auditor such as:

  • Quick software installation as well as automatic updates.
  • The non-need to deploy agents on equipment. That was really a determining factor.


The installation was done naturally on site for 2 weeks. “The installation seemed almost too simple to be true,” jokes Philippe CHAUMINE. The technical team then took control of the software without any difficulty. We were able to discover together the full potential of Netwrix Auditor. »

Some features have proven to be a real favorite for teams such as powerful advanced searches. However, it is mainly the functional coverage of all equipment through the ease of activation of licenses that was appreciated.

The solution brings total satisfaction to Banque SOCREDO’s IT teams: “The tool is both simple to use and “devilishly” effective. To date, the server has never failed. »


“As part of our move to automation and industrialization of processes, the GoAnywhere solution seemed to us the one that offered the most possibilities for a better price/performance ratio among the various offers.”

Process industrialization with GoAnywhere MFT

When the need for file transfers arose, Banque SOCREDO did not hesitate very long before choosing GoAnywhere MFT.

At that moment, SOCREDO was in a dilemma of sustainably maintaining the processes developed internally.

“As part of our transition to automation and industrialization of processes, the GoAnywhere solution seemed to us to be the one that offered the most possibilities for a better price/performance ratio among the various offers,” explains Philippe CHAUMINE. Our in-house tools and other transfer software no longer met our desire to simplify data exchange and traceability processes. »

A market study was carried out around open source IT solutions and products from our other suppliers.

The functionalities offered by GoAnywhere MFT allowed Banque SOCREDO to industrialize its processes. The error management and flexibility of the GoAnywhere MFT solution appealed to the teams: “But we must also recognize that it was the confidence in BlueFinch-ESBD at the end of the 1st mission (implementation of Netwrix Auditor) that tipped the balance in favor of GoAnywhere,” says Mr. CHAUMINE.

The installation was also carried out on site for 2 weeks. The teams apprehended the solution quickly while training to carry out the migrations of the various file exchanges.

Features that quickly attracted attention were:

  • Secure Mail, which allows you to send secure messages and files via Outlook mail or with a web portal containing a unique, secure and temporary link to each document.
  • Go Drive, for securely sharing documents with collaborators while working together on the same files and folders. Changes are synchronized instantly.
  • The features of GoAnywhere MFT as a whole, including the ease of resuming file exchanges in the event of an incident.


The GoAnywhere file transfer solution brings complete satisfaction to the entire team. The transition from installation to handling was done without too much difficulty. This has modernized and simplified our transfer processes.

Netwrix Auditor to Netwrix Data Classification

With the active implementation of GDPR, the need for compliance has become apparent. It therefore seemed appropriate for Banque SOCREDO not to disperse itself on different data classification solutions and to consider the publishers of the solutions already used.

During this period of comparative research of IT solutions, a POC was carried out with Netwrix DC (data classification). In addition to being compatible with Netwrix Auditor, the solution was simple to implement with the installation of a Netwrix DC server.

Due to the health crisis, the entire installation was carried out remotely in several sessions. It was followed by distance training by the BlueFinch-ESBD teams who adapted to the consequent jet lag of 12 hours. The training was carried out at the DPO of Banque SOCREDO, who is not a computer technician by trade.

The fast search capabilities and the “ease of 1-click classification of different types of data” are the favorite features of SOCREDO’s DPO.

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