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Migration, whether it involves data or systems, demands meticulous planning and attention to detail. 

Technical proficiency is a cornerstone, encompassing expertise in relevant technologies, systems, and methodologies.

A commitment to quality assurance ensures that the migrated assets meet established standards and fulfill user requirements.

Use case: XFB Gateway migration for PeSIT use

PeSIT is a file transfer protocol that enables files to be written and read from one machine to another, linked by a telecommunications link (dedicated link, public network, local network).

Today, PeSIT is widely used outside the banking industry. PeSIT is the only proven protocol that enables dialogue between the most popular transfer monitor products on the French market.

PeSIT is considered a unique, but complex protocol compared to other file transfer methods. The PeSIT protocol allows only one file to be transferred at a time during a session, but several files can be transferred simultaneously if several sessions are open.


Axway’s “XFB Gateway” solution was reaching the end of its useful life. Axway’s proposal was to switch to its new “Secure Transport” solution. This was an opportunity for the customer to launch an open consultation to compare the costs and functional coverage of competing solutions currently available on the market.

The “XFB Gateway” platform was mainly used to make PeSIT transfers with business partners, both internal and external Additional pre and post processing tasks were performed through shell scripts This induced constraints due to manual execution of these tasks, potential knowledge drain and the maintenance of these scripts throughout time.


What triggered the customer to look for another solution?

Talking to other users, they learned that migrating Axway XFB to the solution “Secure Transport” was not as transparent or painless as one could have imagined. The financial
aspect of this migration has also been an important element in the customer’s decision to ...

Download the case study to know more about the XFB Gateway migration. 👉

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Topics:  secure file transfer, XFB Gateway and PeSIT

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