What sets GoAnywhere MFT apart


What sets GoAnywhere MFT apart

GoAnywhere MFT has a whole suite of features that were designed to be flexible and to meet customer’s needs. There is a lot of functionality packed into it and for good reason. Organisations have a wide range of needs and a wide variety of compliance requirements to think about when making a decision of what MFT product they will choose for their workflows. 

by Daan Jacobs 

So, without further ado, let’s get into what sets GoAnywhere apart as a top-of-the-line MFT solution. 

3 Ways that GoAnywhere MFT raises the standard 

GoAnywhere is the fastest-growing MFT product in the world because it is a single solution that integrates and securely moves data anywhere through one beautifully designed user interface. 

However, there are specific components that make it so powerful, easy to use, and secure for organisations to employ within their own IT infrastructure. Let’s break some of them down. 

1. Simplifying Data Transfers and Data Integration 

GoAnywhere is packed with features that are very good at simplifying data transfers for anyone that uses the solution. GoAnywhere is the one of the only MFT solutions that works on every operating system as well as on-premises and in the cloud. This capability gives organisations a highly flexible way of transferring data within and outside of organisations’ IT environments. 

In addition, GoAnywhere can integrate with dozens of out-of-the-box integrations for many major applications and drag-and-drop configurations of automated workflows. That number is set to rise in the future, so GoAnywhere will only provide further integration benefits as time goes on. Because these tools are web-based and sport a modern interface, users are able to build on the fly, from any device, and from anywhere. 

2. Secure End-to-End Data Movement 

GoAnywhere is also very good at securing data integration and movement. This includes from server to server, from user to system, and from person to person. Data integration and movement with GoAnywhere meets AES encryption standards, uses the Open PGP standard, and offers SFTP, SCP, FTPS, AS2, and HTTPS protocols. The wide array of compliance achievements and protocol capabilities is just one reason that the GoAnywhere suite of tools has garnered attention for being such a strong force in organisations’ IT infrastructures. 

3. Achieve Enhanced Visibility and Analytics 

One especially important way any MFT product can fall below the standard is by allowing unrestricted user visibility and access to data transfer analytics. With customisable reporting options as well as dashboard control, GoAnywhere gives users a much simpler way of monitoring data transfers being conducted within and transferring outside of their IT walls. In addition, users can access highly detailed audit logs of data transfers which can be required for maintaining compliance standards and meeting regulations. 

You can go anywhere with GoAnywhere 

GoAnywhere has proven to be a very strong solution for organisations because it only requires users to implement one product to get all the functionality listed above. GoAnywhere offers a seamless, customisable, and intuitive solution, all the way from install and use to product maintenance. This solution is meant to ensure that organisations have a safe, secure, and easy-to-use method of transferring data, all in the name of helping organisations build a better IT. 

How customers rate GoAnywhere: Top 5 GoAnywhere highlights

Every year, Info-Tech releases a report that shows how all the top Managed File Transfer products stack up against each other. This year, GoAnywhere once again proved to be one of the most secure and easy-to-use MFT solutions in the market. GoAnywhere ranked among the top five in numerous categories, including: 

  • Vendor Support 
  • Ease of IT Administration 
  • Ease of Customisation 
  • Availability and Quality of Training 
  • Usability and Intuitiveness 
  • Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement 
  • Authentication 
  • High Performance 
  • Data Fidelity 
  • Session Monitoring 
  • LDAP Support 
  • Transport Security 

GoAnywhere scored very highly in more than just these categories. Here are biggest highlights. 

1. Breadth and Quality of Features 

For every MFT solution, there are basic functionalities necessary to meet essential customer standards. GoAnywhere MFT was designed to go beyond the basics and offers highly secure and customisable functions. GoAnywhere ranked highly for both breadth and quality of features included in the software. With scores of 84 and 83 percent satisfaction, GoAnywhere ranked above average. 

2. Ease of Implementation and Data Integration 

One of the most important qualities of an MFT solution is how easy it is to utilise. GoAnywhere MFT has made great strides in its ease of implementation and data integration. For that, it received scores of 81 and 84 percent satisfaction from customers. Both scores are above the average by several points. 

3. Value Added and Quota Bandwidth Control 

Ultimately, MFT solutions must provide value for organisations looking to enhance their workflows and file transfer security. GoAnywhere MFT received a score of 85 percent in customer satisfaction in this category. This score is well above the average. Lastly, GoAnywhere received a customer satisfaction score of 80 percent in the category of quota bandwidth control. 

4. File Transfer, Encryption and Decryption 

In the categories of file transfer as well as encryption and decryption, GoAnywhere MFT received customer satisfaction scores of 91 and 86. Again, GoAnywhere ranked well above the average. 

5. Large File and Multi-Platform Support 

GoAnywhere handles large file transfers and offers robust support across platforms. In the category of large file support, GoAnywhere received a customer satisfaction score of 83 percent and in the category of multi-platform support, GoAnywhere received a customer satisfaction score of 85 percent. For both categories, it ranked well above the average. 

If want to know more about GoAnywhere MFT solution and how BlueFinch can support your case, please send an email to sales@bluefinch.com 


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