File Transfers from/to – Azure Storage (Blob & ADLS Gen1/2)


File Transfers from/to – Azure Storage (Blob & ADLS Gen1/2)

We live in the age of digitalization where businesses are seeking new ways to lower costs while improving their efficiency. Cloud services like Microsoft Azure stand as a true testament to this concept. Microsoft provides a smart solution for modern-day storage problems which is Azure Storage. With data growing day by day, we need to upscale our methods of storage as well. Azure storage provides massive scalability, along with security, durability, and much more. At BlueFinch we assist customers automate and secure their file transfers by various straightforward integrations – Traditional SFTP or FTP, HTTPS and with popular cloud storage platforms Like our previous article on AWS storage – GoAnywhere MFT – S3 Buckets this would give us more insight on File Transfers to an Azure storage.


by Punit Bafna


Reasons why customers are moving to Azure Storage…




We live in a world where data is the most valuable asset of organizations. So, you must value data security as a top priority in your organization. This is where Azure Storage triumphs, as all the data is encrypted as it is stored. Microsoft solution also uses automatic traffic monitoring and profiling, preventing unauthorized access to its data points.



Microsoft Azure Storage can be used to store a variety of data from images, videos, logs, and configuration files. It can also store complex data from IoT devices across your organization.

This allows you to use it for more than one defined purpose. Moreover, all the stored data can also be accessed quickly from their high-speed servers.



Microsoft Azure has data points located across countries in the world, offering you a choice to select between data points that are easy to access. You can also choose to replicate data and store copies in different locations to ensure data backups in case of emergencies.

Azure’s servers are highly efficient and have minimum downtimes, giving you high availability and efficient data accessibility.



As mentioned before, it runs on a pay as you go model. You can upgrade or downgrade your plans depending on the workload or web traffic. This is also one of those truly auto-scalable services providers, automatically increasing or decreasing resources as per the need of your organization.


File Transfers with Azure Storage using GoAnywhere



Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage provides organizations with affordable and scalable cloud storage provided by Microsoft. GoAnywhere supports Block type blob storage. Azure Blob Storage can be configured as Resources in GoAnywhere and then specified as file repositories within Domains, or as Web User virtual folder locations. Projects in GoAnywhere can also connect to Azure Blob Storage resources to upload, download, and manage documents by using qualified file paths (using the resource name) within various Tasks.


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1/2


GoAnywhere also supports cloud integrations for Microsoft Azure. GoAnywhere’s Azure Data Lake Storage Cloud Connector allows you to exchange secure file transfers between your private network and the Azure Data Lake Storage’s scalable repository for big data analytics. Use this cloud integration to upload, rename, download, move, and delete files in your Azure Data Lake Storage solution.



Bluefinch-esbd - Azure Storage 1

Key Features:


  • Automate file transfers in real-time.
  • Drag-and-drop Azure tasks into your workflows.
  • File Transfers can be triggered using the GoAnywhere REST & SOAP API.



The following file transfer activities are supported:


  • Upload file(s), Download file(s) – Azure blob.
  • Upload and Download Files – ADLS Gen1/2
  • Move, Rename, and Delete Files – ADLS Gen1/2
  • Make, Move, Rename, List, and Delete Directories – ADLS Gen1/2
  • Create, List, and Delete Filesystems – ADLS Gen1/2
  • Create and Update Leases – ADLS Gen1/2

We also have a variety of Web API connectors (a.k.a., Cloud Connectors) in the GoAnywhere marketplace to connect to Azure Storage Queue, AWS services like Lambda, EC2, SNS, SQS etc.

For more information feel free to reach out to us at and take a look at our solutions. . We’d be more than happy to share our knowledge and experience.



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