Is your Enterprise File Sharing Solution Enough?


Is your Enterprise File Sharing Solution Enough?

Enterprise file sharing solutions are already a great way to encrypt sensitive data in motion, but encryption alone is not enough. Can you ensure that sensitive information is not accidentally transmitted? Are you able to audit who is sending what? And last, but not least, are you protecting your files from viruses and malware?

by Daan Jacobs

“For optimal security, pair your enterprise file sharing solution with Data Loss Prevention

What is Data Loss Prevention?
Adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP or DLP) is a straightforward solution designed to prevent business interruptions while simultaneously allowing organizations to take better control of their critical information and gain more visibility. 

DLP provides the unique ability to remove the particularly sensitive and malicious content passing in and out of the network, all without the need for delays, human intervention, or quarantine. 

It allows good information to get where it needs to go and stops bad content in its tracks by completely halting, redacting, and/or sanitizing it. DLP does this without setting off alarms, keeping IT departments from becoming overwhelmed with false positives. 

DLP also provides:

  • Data Redaction: The ability to replaces sensitive text with a series of asterisks to protect personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry data (PCI), information related to healthcare, and other sensitive information from being received or sent out. 
  • Document sanitization: The ability to remove metadata from documents, such as track changes, author information, digital signatures, etc. 
  • Optical character recognition: This feature can detect text in images that can be contained in scanned documents and can redact them. 
  • Structural sanitization: The ability to detect and removes active code from emails and attachments to help prevent advanced threats. 
  • Text Replacement: This feature can replace sensitive text – including PII, PCI, and healthcare information – with asterisks.

How Can DLP Can Elevate Security?

Adding a DLP solution to your enterprise provides an unprecedented level of security and oversight.

DLP monitors your critical information before it leaves your organization through email, websites, social media, enterprise file sharing, and various cloud apps. It scans more than 250 layers deep in order to thoroughly review and protect content.

While a regular solution may be able to “stop and block” questionable file transfers, DLP solutions can automatically apply the optimal level of security (real-time redaction, encryption, blocking, or deleting) depending on specific data content, context, and required regulation policy.

With DLP, you can support continuous collaboration, avoid business interruption, and mitigate the risk of exposing sensitive data – at the endpoint, on-premises, and/or in the cloud.

Enterprise File Sharing Solutions and DLP Combined

When paired together using a Secure ICAP Gateway, DLP and your enterprise file sharing solution builds a layer of protection around data transfers from the content contained to the content transferred. 

Although both solutions provide the benefit of encryption, DLP takes care of content inspection, while enterprise file sharing solutions ensures the security of the actual file transfer. 

With an enterprise file sharing solution in place, the movement of files inside and outside of your organization is secure and automated, with the collaboration and data tracking functionality not available with DLP alone. 

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