Migration of XFB Gateway for PeSIT transfers


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Customer industry: Banking & Finance

What were the customer’s challenges? 

The “XFB Gateway” solution by Axway was reaching the end of its life. The proposal of the current supplier was to switch to its new solution “Secure Transport”. This situation was the reason for the customer to launch an open consultation, comparing costs and functional possibilities of other solutions that are currently available on the market.

The “XFB Gateway” platform was mainly used to make PeSIT transfers with business partners, both internal and external. Additional pre- and post-processing tasks were performed through shell scripts. This induced constraints due to manual execution of these tasks, potential knowledge drain and the maintenance of these scripts throughout time.

What triggered the customer to look for another solution? 

Talking to other users, they learned that migrating Axway XFB to the solution “Secure Transport” was not as transparent or painless as one could have imagined. The financial aspect of this migration has also been an important element in the customer’s decision to initiate an market consultation.


What led the customer to choose BlueFinch-ESBD as a service provider?  

Internet searches allowed the customer to quickly identify BlueFinch-ESBD as an expert in the field of MFT solutions. The PeSIT keyword for the online search was used to create the first selection of potential vendors and service providers to meet their needs. 

After a first introduction, a date was quickly set for the so-called “discovery” presentation of GoAnywhere MFT. At the end of this presentation, the customer understood that the functional requirements could be met and that the pre-sales technical team from the BlueFinch-ESBD had an extensive expertise in the overall MFT domain. As a result of this presentation, the customer selected us to carry out a proof of concept.

As we were able to discuss the technical aspects as well as the plans for the integration and ...


  • What are the improvements for the customer?
  • What was the migration project approach?
  • What is the customer’s level of satisfaction with the service? 


Download the case study to know more about the XFB Gateway migration project. 

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