Created in 1999, Atlas For Men is a brand specializing in the distribution of outdoor clothing and accessories, based on relaxation and outdoors at very attractive prices. In just a few years, Atlas For Men has become a major player in mail order. Atlas For Men has developed a multi-channel distance selling model with a presence in 8 countries in Europe and Russia.

You acquired the GoAnywhere solution in February 2015. What were the operational needs that led you to look for a solution like ours?

For some time, we had been planning to find an alternative to the solution in production at home (Axway Synchrony). The concurrent licensee was based on the number of partners, this number regularly evolving upwards and downwards according to the Company’s projects, it was not easy to stay within the terms of the contract. In addition, the pricing of the solution was starting to weigh very heavily on our budgets.

During your research, did you look at several solutions? If so, can you tell us which ones?

To be honest, it was a simple emailing that caught my attention, it was timely in relation to our reflections. We then contacted and engaged a POC of the solution.

We are delighted with BlueFinch-ESBD’s services: a very good listening, a strong sense of interpersonal skills, combined with an easily reachable and fast support, Louison HERMANT, IT Production Director.

What determined your choice for GoAnywhere?

From a purely relational point of view, there was listening when we made contact, the ease with which we were able to discuss our constraints and needs, the implementation of a POC with its support and finally a commercial proposal adapted to our budget.

From a technical point of view, the solution was easily handled by the IT team and covered all our needs. It even brought some new features that have since made life easier for our end users.

What types of projects/activities do you use GoAnywhere for?

We mainly manage file flows with our production platforms and websites, but also with partners located throughout Europe and Russia. We use various protocols such as FTP, SFTP, SSH/FTPS. To date, we manage several thousand exchanges per day.

Thanks to SecureMail and its Outlook plugin, some of our end users also unknowingly use it to exchange large files via their email without going through more technical FTP exchanges. It definitely changed their lives!

How was the installation? (duration of implementation, configuration, quality of services, and team training, etc.)

First a POC of a few weeks which finally became our Production environment. The installation and configuration were not complicated thanks to the effective support and follow-up we received. The migration of all our existing flows took 6 months because we opted to migrate over time. We did not want to allocate a 100% resource on this project and also had a strong dependence on the availability of our remote partners.

How satisfied are you?

– Product: Excellent, no bugs or service stoppages to deplore so far. Features perfectly adapted to our needs and those of our partners and users.

– Services: Very good listening and interpersonal skills.

– Technical support:
 Easily reachable, contact and quick response.

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