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CASINO 2OOO has developed as a leading player in the field of games and entertainment. Close to France and Germany, CASINO 2OOO is located in the south-eastern part of the Grand Duchy in Luxembourg.


Discover the testimony of IT Systems Manager Sylvain Ziegelmeyer

What is the activity of the company as well as your position within it?

CASINO 2OOO is an entertainment complex located in Mondorf-les-Bains, in the south of Luxembourg. It houses the only gaming facilities in the country.

I have held the position of IT Systems Manager for more than 10 years.

How did this collaboration between you and ESBD come about?

I was looking for an audit solution. After seeing a fairly expensive competitor software, I contacted Netwrix who put me in touch with its reseller BlueFinch-ESBD, because of its local presence. After a demonstration and the realization of a quick P.O.C, my choice fell on Netwrix Auditor.

What was your initial need?

I was looking for auditing software for rights management on a file server, and I wanted to be able to maintain fine-grained control over all activity on File Server.

How was Netwrix Auditor implemented?

The installation was taken care of directly by BlueFinch-ESBD technicians during the POC. Our only task was to provide the server. The Netwrix Auditor solution was installed in just a few hours. The product being very intuitive, the handling was quick and easy.

What are the advantages of this solution compared to others?

The main advantage of Netwrix lies in its inexpensive cost, as well as its modular offer. Thus, I acquired the File Server module in 2016 and the following year I extended my use to the Active Directory module.

Would you recommend this solution and why?

Absolutely, because it is a great tool for rights management and moreover, it monitors all actions on the file server. We are therefore able to follow all the actions of our employees. The many reports present in the solution allow us to obtain valuable information and generate considerable time savings.