Part of the Vivendi group since January 2019, Editis is a French publishing leader that federates nearly 50 prestigious houses.

Testimony of Fabien GANU, Infrastructure Architect at Editis.

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What is the company’s business as well as your position within it?

Part of the Vivendi group since January 2019, Editis is a French publishing leader that brings together nearly 50 prestigious houses. With a large portfolio of internationally renowned authors, 4,000 new titles published each year and a collection of over 45,000 titles, Editis is present in the fields of general literature, youth, practical, illustrated, education and reference.

I work as an Infrastructure Architect for the group’s IS.


How did you hear about BlueFinch-ESBD?

We got to know BlueFinch-ESBD through a call for tenders.


What was your initial need?

Our need was to migrate from our obsolete order reception solution to a secure transfer solution.

We needed support and training in order to know the best practices of the solution.


What solution was proposed by BlueFinch-ESBD to meet this need and how was it implemented?

BlueFinch-ESBD recommended the GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer solution and the GoAnywhere Gateway. We received documentation from the sales team to review the product. The technical presentation and implementation of the solution was then performed by the BlueFinch-ESBD technical team.

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What features of the solution do you use the most and why?

We use the AS2 and FTP protocols most often:

  • AS2, for receiving orders and sending acknowledgements of receipt (MDN)
  • FTP, for file transfers.

What are the advantages of this solution compared to others?

GoAnywhere has a very intuitive interface. The solution is able to schedule and automate all our processes. In addition, the dashboards provide a concrete and global view of activities.

Would you recommend this solution and why?

Yes, GoAnywhere is a solution adapted to the need for securing transfers as well as to the evolutionary scopes envisaged.


What did you appreciate ?

We really appreciated the work and professionalism of the BlueFinch-ESBD team. The technical team has been a precious help for the production of the solution.

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