Sogeti Belux is a leading provider of IT services to public and private sector companies and organisations in Belgium and Luxembourg, established in 2002.

Sogeti’s business model is to offer its clients a wide range of services with a strong local involvement while being able to rely on the strength of a group with more than 20,000 employees.

During a meeting, Mr. Alexandre Freisberg, Service Delivery Manager at Sogeti Luxembourg, explains why he chose SOGETI.


1- What was your initial need?
Our need, following the upgrade of our infrastructure to the cloud, was to be able to continue to provide our various customers with automated and secure transfers that were easy to implement and audit. In addition, being able to offer our customers a wider range of secure transfer protocols meant that we could avoid imposing restrictions on them and rely on their requirements.

2- How was this need covered before?
We used to use a secure FTP server, via VPNs. This could sometimes be a problem for our customers (security policies, FireWall, etc.). Now we have more flexibility and can cover almost all needs in terms of file, transfer, protocol, security, encryption, etc.

3 – What are the types and volumes of data exchanged with your customers?
The volume of our exchanges depends on our customers. It ranges from a few kb for log files to hundreds of Mb for other files. The nature of the data exchanged also varies according to the client. Overall, we find all the types of traditional office automation: PDF, tables, Excel, Word documents, etc.

These exchanges can be daily or occasional. Once again, we adapt to our clients’ needs.




4 – What were the main contributions of the GoAnywhere solution for Sogeti?

In terms of functionality:

  • The ability to provide our partners and clients with a powerful and easy-to-use file exchange platform.
  • The availability of a wide range of protocols to ensure compliance with our customers’ policies
  • The automation of the processes for making available and processing the exchanged data.

In terms of security :

  • High availability of the exchange platform guaranteeing continuity of service.
  • The availability of a rich audit trail and alert management guaranteeing the security of our exchanges.
  • The use of secure protocols via encrypted channels.
  • The ability to store sensitive files in encrypted ‘vaults’.
  • The possibility of encrypting sensitive data before sending it, etc.

5 – For what types of projects do you use the GoAnywhere solution?

All of our file transfers and data provisioning now go through GoAnywhere.

6 – How did the implementation of the solution go?
Thanks to its architecture and the technology employed by GoAnywhere, the implementation was extremely simple and quick to carry out. We used our internal resources without even calling on the distributor’s specialists. It is true that we had already ‘worked with’ this software on several occasions, and that we now even follow up on it for some of our Luxembourg customers.

7 – What is your day-to-day relationship with the supplier?
Apart from version upgrades, our relations with BlueFinch-ESBD (the distributor) are fairly infrequent, as the versions deployed by the publisher are generally very stable. The answers are always very quick and in line with our questions. This obviously fosters a very pleasant relationship with the BlueFinch-ESBD team.