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Since 2011, BlueFinch-ESBD has specialised in managing file transfers (MFT) for clients in various sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, NGOs, transport, government, etc., some of which are world-renowned companies.

Our Franco-Dutch teams guide organisations throughout their file transfer and integration projects to offer optimised, high-performance solutions tailored to their needs.

We support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their MFT deployment by offering professional services to support their growth strategy.

Historical reminder

For a number of years, we have been helping all kinds of companies to secure their data and transfer documents.

BlueFinch and ESBD have decided to join forces to become BlueFinch-ESBD in 2020.

Our European companies have built on their solid experience and have strengthened their values and know-how to provide their customers with ever-better support in implementing solutions tailored to their needs. By merging, BlueFinch-ESBD has strengthened its market presence.

In addition, for over 10 years now, we have enjoyed a long-term, trust-based partnership with the teams at Fortra, formerly Helpsystems. We interact with our partners on a daily basis, at all levels.

BlueFinch-ESBD employees work hand in hand every day to excel and be a distinguished partner. Our efforts have been rewarded with a number of awards recognising our success.

“BlueFinch-ESBD is not only a Platinum Certified Partner of GoAnywhere MFT, but above all a trusted partner with whom we have been working closely for over 10 years now. Their teams are the main technical and commercial contact for our customers in France, Luxembourg and the French-speaking countries in general, and well beyond since the creation of the BBES group”, Julian Gouez, Fortra’s EMEA Partner Manager.


BlueFinch-ESBD employees work hand in hand every day to excel and be a distinguished partner. Our efforts have been rewarded with a number of awards recognising our success.

BBES Group

BBES Groupfounded in 2020 and headquartered in Schiphol in the Netherlands, is a European entity comprising 3 companies (BlueFinch-ESBD, BlackBridge and Systematik), specialising in the integration of data security solutions.

The BBES Group provides an enhanced international presence as well as multilingual support and assistance.

This grouping brings benefits for customers, enabling us to attract more and more interest from publishers with our requests. What’s more, when it comes to pricing, we are able to obtain rates that are more competitive for our customers than if they had to request their product directly from the vendor.

Each of the companies that make up BBES has its own expertise in very different industries. This shared know-how means that we can advise a large number of industries on the best solutions on the market.

“The creation of the group is a perfect illustration of the growth and influence of BlueFinch-ESBD, reinforcing its position as a leader and expert in the deployment of Managed File Transfer projects. At a time when many companies are looking to challenge established solutions, this partnership between BlueFinch-ESBD and Fortra has a bright future ahead of it,” says Julian Gouez.

BlueFinch-ESBD provides services around Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Our experts are GoAnywhere certified by FORTRA, attesting to their in-depth knowledge of the MFT solution.

So it’s only natural that BlueFinch-ESBD has developed a portfolio of services including:


Our team of Managed File Transfer specialists has in-depth knowledge of the technology, industry best practice and experience of the evolution of MFT platforms. Our teams based in France and the Netherlands offer a high level of support and maintain excellent response times to service level agreements (SLAs).

For us, a consulting service is a long-term mission or recurring services including upgrades to the solution, creation of workflows, day-to-day management of the MFT platform, recurring audits of the platform, optimisation of the architecture, and so on.

This managed service frees up your IT teams, enables sustained scalability and keeps you in step with innovation.


Updating the GoAnywhere platform

A short-term assignment, our specialists will help you install the latest version of the software. Our experts check that all the new features are correctly configured and work perfectly with your environments.

We ensure that the new configuration is identical to the previous one and check your file transfer services and automated workflows.

This service guarantees you a rapid and secure upgrade!


Platform audit

A well-defined mission, this service provides a detailed examination of your current configuration and settings. We check the number of licences, the available workspace and the task logs, while guiding you through the fine-tuning of each component.

An analysis of the volume of your file transfers and a review of use cases will also be carried out by our experts.

At the end of this MFT audit, we provide you with a full report on the system and recommendations for optimising the use of the GoAnywhere software.

So, you can be sure that your file transfer solution meets your needs and is in perfect health!

Server migration

An MFT server migration involves transferring the entire installation.  From a source server to a destination server. Such a migration must be carefully prepared, planned and executed to minimise disruption and ensure business continuity.

Our experts will install your Managed File Transfer solution on its new host, migrate the configuration, data and licences to recreate an identical solution, ready for use by end users.

Learn more about our XFB Gateway Migration for PeSIT case study.


Workflow creation and management

This mission, carried out to the highest professional standards by our BlueFinch-ESBD experts, opens up a wide range of possibilities, such as automating payment processing, transferring files between remote servers, automatically sending files by secure email, automatically creating database backups, etc.

Your data flows are managed and documented!


Partner integration and management

Creating new partners can help improve the security, efficiency and flexibility of your MFT operations.

Expand your network of partners while reducing the risks of service interruptions, availability and security. Our experts can create new partners and improve the efficiency of your MFT processing by using more direct transfer paths or by balancing the load on different partners.

Calling on our teams means you can get up and running quickly, so you can adapt your business to changes in partners or update existing ones!


Training in the GoAnywhere MFT solution

It is important to maintain a high level of knowledge among the teams using your MFT solution.

Although GoAnywhere is an easy-to-use software package, it is essential to reinforce skills or train new staff in order to secure file transfers and avoid the risk of data breaches.

To help you do this, BlueFinch-ESBD has developed a comprehensive, flexible training programme tailored to the needs of your company and its teams.

Our specialists offer distance learning or on-site courses to suit your needs.

Your staff will be able to master all the features of GoAnywhere MFT!

Download our services offering datasheet 😃

About the GoAnywhere MFT solution

GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer) is a professional solution for managing file transfers. Thanks to its centralised approach based on a modular architecture, GoAnywhere MFT enables you to rationalise and reduce the costs associated with your file transfers and related business processes.

GoAnywhere MFT consolidates all your communication protocols into a single application.

This managed file transfer (MFT) tool can be adapted to all your technical constraints and scalability requirements, thanks to its cluster architecture.

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